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This poor chump got the ol’ heave-ho from his girlfriend (well I guess ex-girlfriend at this point) because he was the pits at eating pussy…that seems like pretty cold business to me but luckily for him this sexy college coed at the party told him he could practice on her and soon he was tongue-deep in her tight snatch! Actually maybe the whole ex-girlfriend story was a fib to get a hottie to let him lick her slit, if that’s the case my hat goes off to this gent. Anyway he gives her a nice box-munching and then a couple of other guys took turns to ‘show him how it’s done’, licking her up and down and then another girl shows up and really teaches them all a lesson with her tongue, eating out that cunt like a lesbian! Apparently the deal was whoever ate out that pussy the best got to fuck it and everyone was game…and luckily for us someone at the dorm party had a phone handy and was able to record the whole thing to send in to Dare Dorm for this submission they call Pussy On My Tongue!

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