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I love seeing a girl get to do her first adult work in public… Stephanie Musso here is a total knockout with a dream body but had never really done anything adventurous in public like this befor eso she was pretty exhilarated by it! She might have been a little nervous at first but once she got going and flashed that big round sexy ass of hers a few times she really got in the swing onf things in this Zishy photoshoot, having a fantastic time playing around and showing off that gorgeous body. She’s got a little peach skirt that she loved flipping up to flash her thong panties, either bending over to give a look at her ass or just spreading her legs for some upskirt views, and you can tell how excited she was getting by the fact that her nipples were straining against the thin fabric of her tight top as she walked around on the street! She’s a knockout and has tons of personality, and that’s the one-two punch that Zishy brings to the table so often…they’re different than pretty much any other site out there, it’s definitely refreshing.

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