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Sexy tight petite babe Alexis Brill was enjoying the afternoon, no doubt there…she was rubbing her vibrator not only on her sweet little pussy, but also all over her body! Her man was enjoying the show but when she noticed him watching he just had to join in…she took that big dick of his, riding him and sucking him in this red hot Passion HD scene called How Much Can You Take? and driving him crazy with her beautiful body. That pussy is tight as a drum so it’s easy to see where the name of this update came from…I’m surprised the guy was able to last two minutes but he held on, pounding that hole of hers and grabbing her little titties until he just couldn’t take any more and busted a load of cum all over her gorgeous ass. This is Alexis’s second update for Passion HD and both times she’s been on the site have been hot as hell so I’m already looking forward to them bringing her back for round three, and I bet you guys are too! If you missed out on her first scene and I’ve got it linked for you right there, so just put your finger to work and click it and check out this hottie. How much can YOU take?

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