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Who doesn’t want a little Early Morning Pussy to start the day off with a bang? Alright I’m sorry that was a terrible pun, but hey this Porn Prosupdate featuring Franceska Jaimes will put a smile right back on your face. Speaking of faces, look at the expression on this guy as Franceska strips out of her workout clothes, pulling her tight stretchy pants down her legs and flashing that perfect round bubble butt of hers in the guy’s face! He looks like he’s about to explode and spoiler alert, he does just that in a little bit…but for the time being he whips his cock out and starts licking those big tits of hers, sliding his dick in her mouth and then eating out her pussy and fucking her right there on the workout room floor! Franceska gets her pussy drilled and then takes a nice anal pounding…she’s a horny busty beauty with a horny pussy and insatiable ass, and gets fucked nice and hard here before the guy explodes (told you so!), giving her a big creamy drippy facial to finish off her aerobic portion of her workout! By the way I don’t know if it’s just me but I think Franceska is like a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie, so if you ever wanted to see AJ getting fucked in the ass this might be the closest you’ll ever cum!

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